As from the day that I had my first appointment, I was astonished at the kindness of Kind2Hearing. The Audiologist restored my confidence in audiology and the necessity of having a hearing aid. For not a moment was I brought under the impression that I was suffering from an unacceptable deficiency. A hearing aid was a natural part of modern medical science and improves the quality of life.

Kind2Hearing Brooklyn does not only have the word “Kind” in its name, but also, in its efficient medical practitioners . As a unit it promotes the sense of kindness through efficiency, humane treatment, top expertise and a true realisation of the calling of medical science. For me Kind2Hearing means: the art of medical treatment must, at the heart of it, respect the dignity of life. Kind2Hearing excels in this!

I have no doubt that in performance, kindness, expertise and human understanding scores 100%.

Prof Kobus van Rooyen SC

Jan. 2018