Top 10 Signs Of Hearing Loss Each year we take a moment to recognize Better Hearing & Speech Month. Given all that we have experienced lately, it is a must that we celebrate the things that matter most; friends, family, and the times we share. Make sure that you, or your loved ones, don’t miss a moment by looking for the top 10 signs of hearing loss. Do you strain to hear someone in a one-on-one conversation? Is it difficult to follow dialogue involving two or more people? Do others tell you that your television or radio is too loud? If you’ve answered yes to anyRead More →

  One would not say that hearing loss can be categorized together with other diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and asthma. However, hearing loss can be classified as a chronic disease, due to its possible long-lasting and permanent influence on your health. Having a hearing loss, left untreated, is associated with a lot of comorbid conditions, and can influence your health in many more ways than you might think: Mental health problems such as social isolation, depression, anger, loneliness, and a lack of focus. Individuals with hearing loss have the tendency to socially isolate themselves, which in turn may lead to depression, anger and being lonely.Read More →