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How to cope when living with a hearing loss

At some point in your life, you may be faced with the reality of being diagnosed with a hearing loss. Whether the hearing loss affects both ears or just one, whether it is mild or severe, everyone faces the same challenges when it comes to their compromised ability to...

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Ek kan weer hoor – Maroela Media Video

Dit is ongelooflik om te sien hoe mense reageer as hulle weer kan hoor. Solidariteit Helpende Hand het in samewerking met Impact Hearing vir Magdalena Ludick die kans gegee om weer te kan hoor. Lees die volle berig op: Maroela Media...

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I Have a Hearing loss. Is it permanent or not?

It can be very emotional to find out that you have a hearing loss. You might have had the problem for a while and ignored it, or the hearing loss may have come suddenly- leaving you at a loss for what to do and where to ask for help. Luckily, your audiologist is here...

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Uncertain of your visit to an audiologist?

It is commonly known to most households that all family members must have a yearly check-up of their teeth by the dentist, their eyes by the optometrist and their health by a doctor. But why is it that a hearing test from your audiologist is not on this list? Hearing...

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Hearing Loss? Struggling To Cope?

Hearing loss can have a significant impact on communication; an aspect which often goes unrecognized. Coping with hearing loss is different from other disabilities in that it is an invisible handicap. The reactions or behaviours associated with hearing loss may not be...

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Myths busted! Know the truth about your hearing!

Every day we are faced with a variety of information about our ears and our hearing from the people we know around us. While we can always trust our family and friends for sound advice, it may be necessary to receive this information from a hearing specialist...

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Ringing in your ears? Your audiologist can help

Imagine hearing a constant sound that no one else can? It is there 24/7 and it won’t go away. The biggest concern is that it is not your imagination, it is there loud and clear but not caused by any sound in your environment. Research shows that ringing in the ears or...

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